Martialworks education – a philosophy of radical innovation & change

Martialworks approach to the teaching of martial arts is unique, we teach our students to house the intelligence delivered according to the root structure of their energy system; this makes for healthy development of the participant, long-term well-being and the enjoyment of a higher quality of life.

The worthy pursuit and achievement of skill, adds great incentive and a source of infinite interest to the learning on offer; our training of expert teachers is the best available.

“With an elasticity of the mind, will come the snap of the body!”

Stephen Joffe

Stephen Joffe – Chief Instructor & President

sjStephen Joffe has twenty five years of teaching experience. He travels worldwide to teach and is an acknowledged world leading Instructor of the Arts he teaches. The Martialworks Chief Instructor is also an honorary member of the Philippine National Police and Tactical Instructor to Philippine Armed Forces. Stephen is Defensive Tactics Instructor to Tasmania Police Service and acts as Security Advisor to NGO’s operating in Africa and the United Arab Emirates.

Stephens’ ability in scientific research, a broad background in the martial arts and his teaching experience have brought the activities of Martialworks to an imperative mission within the teaching of martial arts. Stephen believes that in this day and age – culture, sport and violence; should not be obstacles to the sources of vital Wisdom that martial arts practice offers to all people.