Martialworks Indian Summer

As Summertime comes hurtling to a close, we’ve a bunch of things on the go at our School; over the next 6 weeks we’ll be pulling together myriad practices, and neatly tying them together in preparation for Fall practice. Accomplishments through the seasons have been remarkable, we’re fortunate to enjoy such a talented group of students.

Working within the “64 Attacks” of Pekiti Tirsai Kali our focus has been on complete system exploration inside of combat flow; the development of spontaneous ability, within the adrenaline charged realm of our skill based performance brings real joy. On the flip side our Ving Tsun has delivered no less a gift, the continual referencing of the Wisdom contained within our primary forms of Ving Tsun: ‘Little Idea’ & ‘Searching for The Bridge’; have brought us to that place where we are capable of enjoying a great conversation, whilst in “Talking Hands” the cornerstone to our practice.

Our Sifu has returned from his recent excursion into the high desert of New Mexico and hinterlands of Portland, Oregon; with renewed vigor, Stephen pushes everyone to find their ground & express genuine bodily skill. Extensive Summertime research & successful field testing have resulted in two new ‘cutting edge’ private training programs being offered at Martialworks:

1. Qigong Meditation Teacher Training – the best way to learn meditation is through teaching, the ability to communicate a clear and practical understanding of internal practice; results in the greatest benefit for the individual practitioner. Our progressive approach to learning allows the student to develop an authentic ability in Qigong.

2. Jing Luo Meditation Training – this program presents a functional exploration of the energy gates on the surface of the human physical form; and a comprehensive explanation of the mechanics of Chi, offers the practitioner an opportunity to understand physical performance as a method of attaining presence.

A written request to enter Martialworks private training programs is required, if interested please apply for a position via email; space is limited for these seasonal programs, the deadline for registration is October 1st 2016.

Martialworks delivers national & international Seminars. We pride ourselves on our specialty Wilderness Survival trainings; these quality martial art movement and meditation centered intensives, teach a powerful elemental connection to Nature.