Fall Ving Tsun Seminar – October 24th • 2015

A Practical Exploration Of The Fighting Tactics & Strategies

October 24th • 2015 • Boulder • Colorado – Saturday 10am – 4pm

Come along and enjoy a solid introduction to the powerful close quarters Southern Chinese Boxing Art of Ving Tsun Kung Fu; our well trained group, will execute 6hrs of continuous combat.

Ving Tsun is an advanced martial arts training method specifically designed to activate the individuals energy system, or Chi – with maximum efficiency.

As a Boxing Art, Ving Tsun is flawless in it’s direct expression of the potential physical prowess of the human being. This style of Kung Fu offers a functional tool for the exploration of Eastern Science at the highest level.

Note: Advanced registration is required
Training fees: $80.00
Equipment: Dress for action, bring water, note-pad & pen
Registration: Sifu Stephen Joffe direct 720 933 6011 & www.martialworks.com
Upcoming: Qigong training program begins 8am Wednesday October 21st 2015