Time For Change


For those of you that enjoy reading the blogposts and keeping up to date on everything happening at Martialworks, you may have noticed a reduced frequency of writing on our website; rest assured, all is well!

Our Chief Instructor Stephen Joffe is working on a major project which demands a re-direction of his energy and a brief hiatus from the website. All of our classes are as per normal, in fact we’ve been enjoying balmy Winter weather in Colorado and on those rare occasions when it drops below freezing ~ it is a joy to step outside and embrace the cold weather, reminding ourselves that martial arts were never created for utopian circumstances.

The dedicated group of practitioners have enjoyed getting to grips with the elements and the input from their Sifu on their relationship to these elements, has taken practice to a new level of power in reality. Charging around in knee deep snow with: boots, beanie, goggles, mitts, Chinese special forces outerwear & snowboarding pants; not to mention Espada y Daga in hand, has a very special pleasure to it.

With Springtime around the corner, we’ll be dropping the protective wear and upping the tempo and duration of training. Classes will fallback to 5.30pm – 7pm as of March 15th 2015.

Martialworks has many exciting adventures planned for Summertime 2015; if you’re in Boulder and would like to get involved in our top-level training group, you’ll need to schedule an entrance interview with an Instructor.

If you are in Colorado, or anywhere else on Earth and want the best in complete system: Ving Tsun Kung Fu, Pekiti Tirsia Kali, Klangabi Muay Thai & Qigong Meditation; our Chief Instructor will travel to you. The delivery of training by Stephen Joffe, his energetically progressive teaching method and unique experience ~ will boost your School’s practice to another level.