3 Days of Ving Tsun Kung Fu training

  • Friday June 29th 4 – 7pm 
  • Saturday June 30th 9am – noon & 4 – 7pm 
  • Sunday July 1st 9am – noon

Next weekend Sifu Stephen Joffe will be teaching a weekend Seminar in Boulder, Colorado, USA. 

The Seminar is open to all levels, come along and explore the extreme precision of the Ving Tsun boxing method.

Ving Tsun training is fast and powerful, it can be learned in a safe and intelligent manner; careful attention to the reality of combat and the healthy necessity for skill is always accentuated.

Topics covered:

  • The boxing forms and how they work
  • The science of Ving Tsun, or boxing drills that lead to Mastery
  • Weapons and emergency tactics – the advanced training methods
  • A comparison of Ving Tsun bridging skills and other SE Asian Boxing styles

Detailed training itinerary and location on registration.