The Impact of Non-Contact

In the practice of our discipline of Kali and in-fact all our martial arts, I continually remind the students “drive the weapon with the heel of the palm; heel of the palm, heel of the foot”. The excitement of this re-connection with correct body mechanics and a delivery rooted in a true expression of their being, is all to easily …

A New Weapon…. An Old Tool….

Sometimes we find extraordinary meaning beyond the consciousness of our chronological age, our limited beliefs and our potential capabilities. For the purpose of enhancing my martial arts training yesterday, I purchased a new weapon; well actually, an old tool. One I grew up with as a child, a youth and a young man. The visceral joys I remember as a …

A Pointer To The Truth

“A Teacher Is Never A Giver Of Truth He Is A Guide, A Pointer To The Truth That Each Student Must Find For Himself.” – Bruce Lee

Qigong Meditation Training Program

Starting: 7th November 2012 Wednesday class time: 8am – 9am Format: Visualizations on the structure of the human energy system from the Taoist tradition of ‘immortality training’; the Fall/Winter training program is a formal training program, offering a series of comprehensive meditations & an opportunity for personal practice.

New York City Wing Chun Kung Fu

This Summer I met with my Wing Chun teacher Michael Street in the East Village NY; we were there to connect with Michael’s kung fu brother Kevin Gledhill, both these guys started their training under Victor Kan in London, England – back in the 80’s and had not seen each other for 15 years.

The Best Style

Tuhon Tim Waid’s recent visit to Boulder, Colorado, USA was the best yet. I started training in Pekiti Tirsia Kali back in 2002 with Supreme Grandmaster Leo T Gaje Jr inside of Danny Inosanto’s School, California. It was on the firm advice of my Wing Chun Kung Fu Sifu Michael Street that I seized the opportunity to train with ‘The …

MARTIALWORKS New School & Location!

MARTIAL★WORKS new training center can be found at 2625 28th Street, Boulder, Colorado, USA. It looks amazing! Thanks to the hard work of Ian Venter, Tom Herbstritt, Bryce Widom, Clinton Carpenter, Daniel Costantini and Rocco D’Ordine! Check the new class times, upcoming events will be posted soon; in the meantime… check it out!

External versus Internal

Beside the strengthening of the body, the practice of martial arts is a spiritual practice; the goal is to make a person more open minded, and to teach them to use the moral virtue of martial art…to weaken the enemy, to neutralize anger; this is the highest achievement of martial arts & the most difficult!