Advanced Defensive Tactics

The Martialworks Advanced Defensive Tactics (MADT) program has been developed at the interface of the powerful weapon components of 3 major South East Asian boxing systems; it is largely influenced by Pekiti Tirsia Kali, the pre-eminent blade fighting method of choice for Philippine Government.

Upcoming Events / Missions

Martialworks Kalista will be visiting Philippines in March 2010; we’re already deep in preparation for Jungle Survival School and the endless exercise of ‘bridging skill’ on the beach ~ the Filipinos are best at this = find 2 palm trees + hammock, learn to relax!

Kids Update

The Children have just completed their ‘1st Season’ of training; we covered a lot of territory! This included: tours through the long histories and deep cultures of the martial arts traditions we practice; meditation for health; stretching routines from Muay Thai Kickboxing and the Olympic Rhythmic Gymnastics team; Taoist Yoga; Chinese Boxing; stick-fighting and much more… even the big Kids …

New T-Shirt Design

Martialworks t-shirts are available, our strong logo across the chest, backed by “World Class Education” is nicely edged with the Chief Command Sergeant stripes; these depict our parameters for operation: with an understanding of the Universal Law of the 5 Elements we go out into the field and teach Advanced Martial Art training methods.

New Flyer

Our new flyer is great, within this informational card lies the broad range of classes we teach continuously; Class size is limited, please ensure you sign-up early. Consider a Private Training program as a means of accomplishing Martialworks education.We are stoked on the flyer that Anthem Branding did for us, Ted and Michael ~ you guys made the process effortless. …

Website Launch

To make the construction of Martialworks website a pleasure, was certainly a key factor in this accomplishment; we’ll be honing our presentation regularly – check back and find out how best to tap into our teaching of martial arts as World Class Education.