Buddha says Meditate


Martialworks has a functional Qigong program starting November 14th 2016, at One Boulder Fitness; located in the heart of Boulder, OBF http://m.mainstreethub.com/oneboulderfitness# specializes in the small group training experience.

This unique Qigong program offers a refined opportunity to learn the practice of meditation.

Our trainings in the authentic Taoist meditation tradition will be delivered early mornings Monday & Thursday at 6.30am.

As a comprehensive program focused on activation of the individuals energy system, training will be presented in 6 week sessions; such a progressive approach to learning meditation, aims to circumvent challenges and ensure participants are provided the support necessary to incorporate practice into your lifestyle.

Within the first 6 week session you will learn 3 essential Qigong practices; these practices are performed in a gentle combination of: standing, seated and lying down positions.

The practices are ancient visualization’s on the energy system and allow the person to tap into Qi or Life Force; this direct access to energy helps a person to de-stress and calm down, which results in emotional well being, the root of all health.

As a progressive program in Qigong, the individual modules build on each other; with the ultimate outcome for the person being a raised level of energetic awareness, an ability to control this and thus a precise method to engage with the totality of self.

Meditations are taught in a clinical manner with full physiological description in accord with both Western & Eastern Science.

Lessons will include an introduction to the practice, it’s history and development; a rehearsal of the practice is presented, and once the group is at ease we will then practice in silence for 20 minutes. Students will also be taught how to combine meditations & develop their own unique practice regime, that serves their personal purpose and in so doing makes the discipline of practice a pleasure.

If you’d like to join our practice group, get down to One Boulder Fitness and register for this specific program; the program is open to the public, gym membership is not required.

Training fees: $300 for the 6 week program; class size is limited, sign-up for the early bird special & enjoy a discounted rate on the program.

If you need more details, please contact us.