Ip Man Ving Tsun

WSL Ving Tsun USA – NYC and Boulder, Colorado intensive training April 14th 2018

We’re excited to welcome into Boulder – Sifu Kevin Gledhill – as spearhead for the Stateside: Ip Man, Wong Sheung Leung and Philipp Bayer lineage. Kevin has shown great tenacity in his dedication to this remarkably efficient bloodline, this is reflected in a clear willingness to share in action the powerful truths he has achieved in his Kung Fu. 

Our excellent crew are well prepared to receive the latest download, as we stand on the cusp of Summer the promise of rock solid Chinese Boxing skills only adds to our fiery passion. Saturday’s outdoor training event will kickoff at 9am and we’ll run to 5pm, with plenty of time to re-charge and take notes.

Be prepared for: wind, snow, sun and weapons. 

Access to complete system Ving Tsun under the guidance of this more than capable Sifu, in conjunction with the great camaraderie amongst the Martialworks possee; ensures a significant leap in our shared appreciation and endeavor to succeed in this most realistic science of close quarter boxing.

Is the Seminar open to the public? 

Yes, it would be nice to have some basic grounding in our unique style of Kung Fu prior to participation.

However, this is not essential.

Most times when we come to learning something of real power, one just needs to step up and step on.

Hope to see you there.

Sifu Joffe.