Kindness and Benevolence

The 2018/2019 Qigong meditation program, is coming to an end. The group learned a series of ancient meditations that develop the deep seated connections, and pathways that exist for the multi-faceted human energy system. 

It is these deep seated connections and pathways, that lead one to an awareness of life-force. It is in this way, and in this way alone—the exercise of intelligence in contemplation, that we learn to use the meditations as tools.

The manipulation and refinement of our Chi, in meditation—is what moves us beyond the conceptual understanding of life, that most have. To arrive at what I like to call:

“The twelve principled terms used to describe life.”

In the all-powerful tradition of Taoist Qigong, it is the Neidan practices that teach internalization of primordial power. This is simply achieved in the seated, closed eyed meditations, we learn through the Fall and Winter seasons. 

As a direct consequence of the precise timing of our practices, we embrace a new language of life. This language comes from the absolute center of our being, through an empirical experience, and just in time for Spring.

Here, it might be helpful to point out that the term death, lies outside of Tao; after all, Tao is the way of life, or nature.

I’m happy to share that list of twelve principled terms, hold in mind these come from center, and they all have an intimate relationship with each other. 

Twelve Principled Terms that describe Life

  1. Jing—primal treasure
  2. Chi—all energy
  3. Shen—consciousness
  4. Zhi—gentleness
  5. Hun—kindness and benevolence
  6. Shen—heart spirit
  7. Yi—correct intention
  8. Po—“to be bountiful through virtue”
  9. Ling—the treasure of your every breath
  10. Ming—life-force
  11. Hsing—heart mind
  12. Tao

Importantly, you don’t need to be Chinese to comprehend the language—the language of life-force is common to all peoples, and it offers that principle of concordance so vital to the success of humanity.

And here, I have to ask that question, at what point did law and science, believe that they were in possession of the whole truth? 

It is this gross misunderstanding, that has humanity teeter tottering on the edge of that dark chasm, we have opened in our inhumane behavior toward each other.

Who will be brave enough to return and acknowledge the teachings of Tao?

Registration deadlines for 2019 training events:

Ving Tsun Kung Fu—March 15th

Weidan Boxing—March 20th 

(This program will also be offered Saturday mornings, contact Sifu Joffe direct for registration.)

Wilderness Training—April 10th