Martialworks Chess Club

Martialworks Chess Club meets 6pm every 3rd Monday of the month at Amaro, a small wine bar next door to Arugula Ristorante; this unique evening is dedicated to providing an opportunity for people to come together to learn and play chess.

As a game of excellence chess aims to excite conversation between those committed to the development of strategic thinking ability, and to quote Russian Grandmaster Victor Henkin: “In the same way as a composer makes the sound of a captivating melody out of chaos, the chess player creates a beautiful game, trying to find the best moves out of the innumerable quantity of variations. The chess player like the composer is governed by the laws of harmony. Harmony in chess is the cooperation of the pieces. We can boldly state the class of a person’s play is to a large extent determined by their ability to distribute their fighting forces in such a way that they support and complement each other.”

Club entrance fees are $5, small plate food and refreshments are to hand. If you’re interested in joining the pursuit of mastery through one of the oldest games known, come on down and get into the action.