Martialworks & IPQ

As we approach the Winter Solstice for 2019 our Inner Path Qigong group have accomplished the preparatory practices of Qigong.

Standing on the brink of 2020 we’re excited to embark on the learning of the deeper meditations of the tradition, that will pull us into closer alignment with the biorhythmic laws of Yin Yang.

In support of your learning process IPQ will be offering a Monthly Seminar Series, all the way through to Springtime, which is when we’ll move outdoors for Tai Chi.

Qigong I Ching — Saturday December 21st

Learn the true method of reading the I Ching in a state of WuJi, develop your ability at retrograde analysis.

Qigong and Internal Alchemy — Saturday January 11th

The workshop will address the integration of the primary Qigong practices, en-route to the achievement of an ability in Neidan.

Refining the Elixir — Saturday February 8th

This advanced training will explore the establishment of the virtues and the polishing of “The Pearl of Chi.”

The Secret of The Golden Flower — Saturday March 7th

As the grand finale to this seasons seminar series, we will map out the ancient tradition of Internal Alchemy, showing how the process is quite natural and easily incorporated into our modern lifestyle.

All Seminars are staged in Boulder, Colorado ~ 2 – 5pm.

Training fees for each event: $60.00

Training is open to beginners and advanced practitioners.

Pre-registration for any Seminar should be completed a minimum of 1 week prior to the event. Commit to a training shoot us an email

On a closing note of inspiration, we’re pleased to share the culmination of the teachings of the Immortal Zhang Sanfeng.


  1. Perform sword movements by moonlight to enliven the spirit. (Zeng Shen)
  2. Practice Tai Chi in the dark of the night, to increase essence. (Yi Jing)
  3. Climb a mountain on a windy night as it broadens Chi. (Zhang Chi)
  4. Study and read the scriptures on rainy nights, it illuminates mind. (Ming Hsing)
  5. Sit in meditation at midnight—it brings clarity of mind. (Jiang Hsing)

These statements on the essentials for practice come from the 13th Century, credited as the founder of Tai Chi, Zhang Sanfeng lived a remarkable one hundred and seventy years.

It is surely great that we have incorporated all of these incredibly interesting and functional exercises into our contemporary lifestyles.

We are fortunate to have access to the method, and respect the spirit of the sages that guide us in the simple practice of meditation, to attain tranquility in life.

Springtime Wilderness Training — April 10th – 12th 2020

Always to be looked forward to, our first wilderness training of the year promises to be perfectly timed, and to cover essential material for advancement in: meditative, martial and survival skills.