Morning Meditation

As we come hurtling toward the Winter solstice, I thought I’d express my heartfelt gratitude in poetic form, to all those Masters that have guided us into that rarefied realm, in which we learn.

The Working Forces of Spirituality.

My world view can help me
If it keeps my love for this world
So awake and strong
That I do not grow tired of perceiving what is
To be perceived.

I know that my interpretation
Like everyone else’s
Is made through my being.

If I attend faithfully
To this truth,
The manifest World of open connections,
Word and texture,
Then in turn
Sound and rhythmic structure
Will lead me to the realm of hidden connections, Spirit.

In this way my interpretation of life
Will not have been in vain.

I find something, I have found something.
I show what I have found.
I guide him who let’s himself be guided.