Movement Arts, Meditation and the Unity of the Genuine Life.

Our group is entering Springtime training.

Following biorhythmic law we have traveled inside of the seated, closed eyed, meditations of Qigong for one third of the year. It is in the Fall and Winter months that we find ourselves deep inside of the practices of Neidan.

The series of meditations we executed in this time, have allowed us to explore much of the vast and beautiful territory of the “Inner Kingdom”. The Inner Kingdom being that multi-faceted geometric awareness of the structure to our energy systems.

It is this subtle awareness that is so vital to the preservation and enhancement of our life-force.

Through our diligent practice and hard won research we have come to understand how the meditations on the “Eight Extraordinary Meridians,” have traveled across millennia to us. We are mighty enthusiastic, to be part of the legacy of those that suffered in Tao, to bring us these powerful tools.

If we stop to reflect on the depth of refinement to our meditations, we are faced with the fact that our genius teachers, were taught by the masters of the tradition, and these masters stood on the shoulders of G-ds.

Whilst talking of masters, I came across this little snippet from my good friend Martin Buber, this piece from “The Teaching of the Tao,” was written in 1910. We should stop and savor this entry point of Tao into our modern world, Buber was thirty two years old and just setting out on his path as a radical teacher. Undoubtedly, his early exposure to Tao formed the bedrock, to his prodigious philosophical contribution to humanity. This being that of the understanding, of the absolute necessity for the recognition of the sacred relationships, that ought to exist amongst all beings. 

Bear in mind this was written immediately prior to the first world war; that initial onslaught against the spirit of humanity, from which we are still reeling.


“In the West, Tao has usually been understood as an attempt to explain the world; the explanation of the world one glimpses therein always coincides in a remarkable way with the current philosophy of the age. The Tao first passes for nature, after that reason, and recently it is held to be nothing but energy. In contrast to these interpretations, it must be pointed out that Tao generally means no explanation of the world; it implies that only the whole meaning of being rests in the unity of the genuine life, that is experienced nowhere else, that it is just this unity which is grasped as the absolute.”

Martin Buber

And on that note of genuine life, find below the many things we have going on in our School.


QIGONG SEMINAR – Sunday March 17th, 9am – noon

This training will include a review of practices to date, with emphasis on the development of a long-term personal practice regime. A clear description of the use of our meditations, as a tool for the creation of the conditions necessary for the manifestation of health, will be delivered.

For the first time we will explore and detail the geometric awareness of the Eight Extraordinary Meridians developed through our meditations.

This training is open to total beginners and advanced practitioners.

Training fees: $60.00

SPRING SUMMER TRAINING – New schedule starts Monday March 18th

Combat classes will shift to: Monday/Thursday 5.30 – 7pm

Group practice will be staged: Saturday mornings 9 – 10.30am

WEIDAN BOXING PROGRAM –Wednesday March 20th, 8 – 9.30am

This outdoor Qigong training program runs every Wednesday through Halloween 2019.

We will explore the powerful incorporation of meditation into movement, using ancient non-combative exercises from Taoist Yoga. Lessons teach a person to connect to and absorb the energy of nature, this is achieved through detailed description of how skillful physical movement activates the energy system.

The growth and awareness of our intimate physical contact with Earth makes way for the absorption of Chi from the greater field of energy.

The deep energization achieved in Weidan Boxing is most grounding, and allows any person to find their true nature. These lessons are a wonderful opportunity to bridge the gap between meditation and movement.

Training fees: $500.00

VING TSUN KUNG FU – Friday March 22nd & Saturday 23rd

Sifu Kevin Gledhill is to deliver a weekend of top notch Ving Tsun Kung Fu with focus on the Lap Sau and weapons based training of Wing Chun.

As your Sifu’s Sihing and Chief representative of the Wong Shun Leung Philipp Bayer lineage for the Americas, this is a great opportunity to connect to the larger, authentic Wing Chun community.

Training fees: $150.00

WILDERNESS TRAINING – Friday April 19th – Monday 22nd 

The first of our annual wilderness trainings will be staged over Easter weekend.

This year we’ll be focused on intensive Pekiti Tirsia Kali training in the elements, and how to connect to nature through Qigong meditation. It is the meditation that allows us to enjoy natural and therefore greater grounding in the pursuit of skill.

Training will be broken into five three hour modules over two and a half days, allowing ample time for rest and self-reflection.

Neal Ritter of the Laughing Coyote Project will be contributing a workshop on wilderness survival skills at this training. For those of you that have participated in previous trainings, Neal’s skills are nothing short of brilliant and his ability to share them most enjoyable.

This is an invitation only event.