New Class – Taoist Meditation

Martialworks Qigong – Taoist Meditation

Starting: Saturday 4th November 2017 and every Saturday thereafter

Location: Boulder Tango Studio

Time: 9 – 10.30am

Come and learn:

The ancient Taoist meditative practices that begin with breathwork (Qigong) and ultimately lead one to an ability to visualize their entire energy system.

Within our on-going Qigong training program students will be taught a series of practices that will allow them to clarify their emotions, establish ground within their being and give energy to their pursuit of life.

Our classes are taught as a systematic and developmental program, delivering comprehensive Qigong ability.

Exercise within this system is designed to optimize physical function and deliver personal prowess in life, based on energetic skill.

Class format:

Meditative practices will be taught with a clear theoretical breakdown, powerful description of the beneficial effects of the specific practices will also be delivered.

The practical emphasis in our training is: how to make meditation work for you.

Training fees:

$20 drop-in


Dress comfortably, clean (non-marking) indoor shoes are mandatory; bring a water bottle, note-pad and pen.

How do I register for training?

Email: martialworks@gmail and announce your intention to attend a class, any special instructions will be relayed.

Call: Stephen 720 933 6011.