Rewind and Repeat

At the popular request of participants in the ‘Complete Spectrum Knife Fighting’ training staged this weekend gone by — we’ll be repeating the Seminar: 

Saturday August 11th 2018.

Training will begin at 7am and we’ll run all the way through the day.

Exercise on the day will follow the specific format to training that ensures comprehension of this ‘Gem within the Treasure Chest of Kali’.  We will explore the complete array of combat tactics and how our unique method of training develops strategic thinking ability for this ‘best in class’ weapon category within the Pekiti Tirsia system.

We will also explore the more specialized aspects of Kali training:

  • the methods within methods
  • the interlacing of methods
  • hidden methods. 

This inspiring type of exercise characteristic to the ancient art of Kali has a profound effect on our physicality, with a consequent healthy impact on our mentality and all round lifestyle.  Practice provides a long-term discipline, and the ever intriguing pursuit of skill instills vital passion for the dynamic approach to life.

This safe, fun and intelligent training opportunity is open to all levels and total beginners.

Come along and enjoy the most excellent camaraderie of the Martialworks crew.

Training fees: $150 can be paid 

Mandatory training equipment, location and times on registration.