Show them, teach them, help them to find a better way.

The Martialworks crew is looking forward to training with Sifu Kevin Gledhill, in a weekend workshop March 22-23, focused on Ving Tsun Kung Fu. This will be a prime opportunity to check in and take a Springtime leap in your practice, come along and enjoy hard earned perspective.

This training is open to all levels.

Training Fees: $150.00 can be paid online, or in person; in advance.

We’re excited for the upcoming Spring Equinox, having worked with great diligence in our Qigong training, we are now thoroughly prepared for the outdoors season. 

Graduates of the 2018/2019 Qigong training program, travelled through a series of eighteen meditations. No random number. Each meditation being a significant step on the path toward the possession, of an essential and comprehensive array of meditations. 

This array— in turn, makes way for the development of a personal practice regime; focused on visualization of the root to the energy system, upon which our physicality rests.

As a direct consequence of this developed energetic awareness, exercise in class has become one of a deep resonance, or “Ganying,” with each other. 

The growth and exchanges, “Jiaoji,” experienced in the teachings of the ancient body-wisdom traditions, we explore—makes for an energized and inspired learning environment.

As the senses awaken in Springtime, we’re eager for the release of our creative potential in the journey of Kung Fu. Enjoying true human speech, far from the chasm that lies between law and science, our faith in existence strengthens. Trust in our fellow being has been, and will always be affirmed in skill based action, and so to the universal reality of being purely human. 

Camaraderie, ultimately helps each of us find direction in life.

As we shift into the new season of training, this is an excellent time to step up and join our group.