Spring has Sprung, and is upon us.

Spring Newsletter

The Qigong Meditation group traveled across the 20 week Martialworks Qigong Meditation training program, they accomplished no less than a series of 7 meditations. The 7 meditations were taught at basic, intermediate and advanced levels; this gradual introduction to meditative practice, proved of critical importance as we came hurtling into the Springtime. Our increased energy becoming active with the season, the group will now move outdoors to begin their 6 months of Qigong Boxing training.

Congratulations to those of you that cleared entrance requirements to the Martialworks Qigong Boxing training program; you have achieved a good grasp of how to activate your Eight Extraordinary Meridians. It is this ability earned in contemplation, or Neidan; that allows us to take you deeper into your practice through Weidan.

Weidan, the external movement that is deeply energizing and provides the connection to contemplation, as the internalization of Lifeforce.

Inside of these lessons, students will be taught to incorporate their meditations into the myriad movements of Chinese Boxing.

Kauai – Wing Chun

Saturday May 5th 9am – 5pm  &  Sunday May 6th 9am – noon

Sifu Stephen Joffe will be teaching a 1  1/2 day Seminar on the beautiful island of Kauai, Hawaii; the Seminar will focus on Wing Chun Kung Fu, topics covered being:

  • The Qigong of Wing Chun –  activating your Chi in the Boxing forms
  • How the practice of Wing Chun Kung Fu informs combat – the boxing drills that lead to Mastery
  • The weapons and emergency tactics – advanced Wing Chun fighting methods
  • Systems comparison – the bridging skills of Wing Chun and other SE Asian Boxing styles
  • A review of complete system Wing Chun – a map for future practice and system completion

The Seminar is open to all levels, come along and experience Stephen Joffe’s insight into the profound Boxing Art of Wing Chun. We’ll explore this in a fun, action packed and information dense outdoors training.

Stephen is a Sifu of 32 years experience in Wing Chun, he is Chief Instructor for Martialworks a Colorado based martial arts and meditation School established 1997.

As a teacher Stephen has taught all the way from Olympic Gymnasts to Special Forces and everyone in-between, he enjoys sharing his passion in a safe and intelligent manner.

Training Fees: $200 can be paid online https://martialworks.com/memberships/

Detailed training itinerary, equipment list and location on registration.

Kevin Gledhill Boulder WSL PB Wing Chun intensive

Saturday April 14th 9am – 5pm

Closed door Seminar, only open to intermediate/advanced Martialworks members.

Wing Chun intensive, come and brush up on your skills with NYC based Sifu Gledhill.

Enjoy a full day of most comprehensive: forms, shadowboxing, Chi Sau, kicking drills, punching, Luk Deem Boon Gwan and Baat Jam Dol.

Training Fees: $100

Taos Wilderness Immersion

Our annual Springtime Wilderness Immersion training has finally arrived, we’re all excited to escape into the hinterlands of the South West and enjoy 3 days of non-stop martial arts and meditation in a spirited land. Of course, we’ll stop to admire the stars, take in the scenery and ground ourselves within this rare opportunity to re-charge, before we enter the heat of Summer.

This invitation only event promises to be the greatest yet, with many exciting workshops and top-notch experts contributing to the best of nature based training.

As we all know:

“It is only in Nature that we can connect to the elements, but once we have understood
our elemental nature; we must return and guide others to the path of Kung Fu.
Because only self-nature and life-destiny are important. All else is illusion.”

Sifu Stephen Joffe