The 3 Types of People

“There are three types of people:
those who can count, and those that can’t!”

Our closed door—outdoors martial art meditation School—places focus on the preparation and fortification required for modern day, urban and wilderness survival.

We teach triangle system, based on: Universal Law of The Five Elements, The Biorhythmic Laws of Yin Yang and Pa Kua—as true operating order to reality.

Our training programs are in a class of their own.

Teachings include: education in meditation, this will determine your diet; having corrected your diet, you will move toward skill based exercise or movement, your Kung Fu—how you as a physical being, navigate the short duration of your emotional experience—called Life; thus, you will enjoy good quality sleep—the only time you are honestly alone, and true to self.

With this basis to your relationships with your fellow beings, you will come to understand the absolute requirement of: learning to listen to the pure sound of silence, through meditation.

Meditation is the gateway to the future.

If you would like to enter our School, you will have to clear clinical screening.

Martiaworks is a small School, offering an intensive and robust training program, the outcome of our educational process is designed to function in the extreme.

We are currently accepting written applications for training. Successful applicants will be invited to interview for a position within our talented group of trainees.

We offer both remote and in person trainings, our expertise in range control is unsurpassed.

The title to this communication is not random.

I was in the Phillipines with Tuhon Tim Waid and Sigung Michael Street back in 2007, we were training Force Recon PI Marine Corps. At the time I picked up a really cool pink t-shirt, with three Pilipinas pictured on the front, and this wicked statement between the shoulder blades.

Some of you will get The Five Attacks connotation.

I loved to wear it out, as people would challenge yin yang, the basis to reality, and the only method of bringing about that necessary and vital change in life. This was a time, like no other, a time never to be repeated.

We must try to understand: we as (so called) modern peoples—are bound by time, unless we learns to create space for ourselves, time will draw to a rapid end—here, we are left a simple choice, enter the discipline, and learn to create space for all living beings, in this our common life.

We have gained incredible momentum in our past 25 years of teaching in Boulder, Colorado, USA.

Our teachings throughout the South West and across the Globe have been very powerful, as a direct consequence— we have some special offerings for humanity—that are particularly functional in this time of great uncertainty.

  1. Krabi Krabong—The Sword and Stick fighting of The Royal Thai Bodyguard, this very natural, savage and extremely fluid fighting style is rare and super fun. Training offers fitness, flexibility and most powerful kicking or footwork ability.

    The dynamic nature of Krabi Krabong is beautiful in action.

    Saturday August 1st we’ll be staging a day long training—in the Indian Peaks Wilderness, Rocky Mountains, USA.

  2. Liveblade Training—This invitation only event, will be staged on a private ranch, end-August 2020, the training day will be followed with a Viking feast, music, storytelling and dancing.

    We will explore safety and teamwork in bladed operations. To then enjoy demonstrations, from our advanced practitioners.

  3. October Wilderness Training—Our bi-annual New Mexico event is set for the tail end of Indian Summer, be sure to register early.

    This year we’ll be stationed at a new Alpine location, trekking to our high-altitude training grounds, will demand fitness and minimal equipment.

    Deadline for application is August 15th 2020.

  4. Halloween 2020 our Inner Path Qigong (IPQ) training program begins.

    Limited to ten, in-person participants. Written applications for training are now being accepted.

    This 20 week program runs through March 2021, and offers comprehensive training in: “The Secret of The Golden Flower”.

  5. Winter Solstice Qigong Immersion—this special event will be held at a private hot springs in Southern Colorado.

    Daily activity will include: meditation within the Subtle Flows,
    Jing Lou Qigong, water style exercise in Baguazhang, meditations on the I Ching and Tao Teh Ching, as well as Celestial Sword formwork.

    This event is limited to ten participants, secure your spot.