The Future in Non-Contact

The ancient Filipino fighting art of Pekiti Tirsia Kali is the most versatile weapons based martial art. Martialworks offers complete system training in Kali. The method emphasizes non-contact—and in this vein, offers the greatest power for modern times—range awareness.

“An awareness of range, is to know where one stands in Life.”

The teaching method in use at our School is based on an elemental understanding of energy, just as taught by the Masters of Old.

We know that all ancient cultures enjoyed nature contact, and it is just this reason that our training is so important, today: only grounding on Earth, will allow your immune system to function, at its most powerful.

Further, our immune systems are connected to our deep consciousness, or memory. Pattern recognition of energy, developed in the practice of the non-contact, body wisdom arts that we teach, is the way of the future.

Inner Path Qigong, the meditation school within Martialworks, offers an on-going clinical training program in Eight Extraordinary Meridian Qigong.

The Eight Extraordinary Meridians are Pa Kua, a complete structure, allowing one to grasp dynamic function. This method of Qigong is unsurpassed in providing a person access to Tao.

Our meditations are incorporated into movement, through the beautiful Yoga like exercises from Tai Chi, Baguazhang and Wing Chun. Our Yoga accentuates the dynamics of energetic and functional skill.

This carefully thought out and long established method of Self-Cultivation, delivers the technique for enlightenment—allowing one to establish health, build strength and channel energy—into the process of intellectual and existential integration.

At the advanced level we work with “The Life Giving Sword” of Kali.

In our understanding, there is only the Pa Kua for Earth, Heaven and that for the Human Being—if we are ever to move beyond the destruction of our Planet—the tools provided us by Tao, will have to be employed.

Our Boulder based School offers in-person training, a written application for entry into any of our training programs is required. Remote training is also available, this means, wherever you live in the World, we can bring you the education, you need.