The importance of Qigong

Qigong is truly as no other system of meditation.

Like martial arts, Qigong is very interesting and it is in this interesting way that we take you on the journey to ‘The Kingdom’ within. In the initial stages of learning you are taught to pay careful attention to your internal geography, and how this foundation ability allows you to enter into a genuine relationship with yourself.

The primary and perhaps one of the greatest outcomes of training, results in the possession of a code or a method with which to navigate reality ~ based on emotional awareness.

It has long been acknowledged that Qigong is the most vital aspect of ensuring health and longevity, for the simple reason that the ability to enter into deep contemplation on our very own being ~ determines:

  • our diet
  • an exercise regime that suits our specific needs (Kung Fu)
  • and most importantly our quality of sleep

The factors outlined above determine our health.

Now confirmed by medical research at the highest level, it would appear that the Sages of old were possessed of the correct approach to health ~ that being prevention. Of course, this prevention demanded fortification of the being and that is just what Qigong does at root.

In this modern day and age many of us are learning to turn to the ancient path of Qigong for it’s time tested power, and an intriguing invitation to a life path of harmony.

We might encapsulate the achieved life philosophy of a Qigong practitioner, as such:

“I am not so much interested in individuals becoming beings.
In fact, I am against individuals and for beings becoming.”

Martin Buber

Here, I believe Martin Buber has captured the quintessence of the angelic behavior that life demands of all of us.

Qigong most certainly draws us into that healthy place, where we can begin to relate to our fellow humans in an intelligent manner, merely because we have energy and as such a basis for relationship. So it is we can take mutual interest in the advancement of Life.

Martialworks Qigong training program offers comprehensive training in meditation, according to the Taoist or ‘Nature Way’ a tradition that stretches back at least 2000 years.

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