The sky is the limit

All systems are go!

Martialworks invites you to experience a weekend of intensive learning in the system specific training methods of Pekiti Tirsia and Wing Chun. 

  • Friday 7th:  3pm -5pm
  • Saturday 8th:  9am – 5pm
  • Sunday 9th:  9am – noon

Distinct aspects of these unique close quarter combat styles will be trained, the refined understanding achieved in practice will provide any participant a life-time of intricately inspiring exercise.  

Starting on the Friday we’ll explore the Doble Baston weapon category of Kali and how the skills achieved in this training translate into empty handed combat.  Our Saturday session will focus on Wing Chun and those specific boxing drills that lead to bridging ability.  For the grand finale we’ll tie it all together in the spontaneous action of free flow fighting.

Martialworks training accentuates the practice of martial arts as a powerful tool to unlock your energy system and spark healthy contemplation on the best use of personal life-force.

Training fees: $240.00 can be paid online 

Training location and mandatory equipment on registration.