• Ving Tsun Kung Fu

    Ving Tsun Kung Fu (Wing Chun) has a very powerful history within Chinese martial arts this unique ‘tung kiu’ or short arm bridge system is a southern style of Kung Fu and largely based on the fact that the best weapon a human being possesses is intelligence.
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  • Klangbai Muay Thai

    Martialworks offers training in authentic Klangbai Muay Thai; this “crashing down the middle” style was originated by Ajarn Stephen Joffe. A composite of several different family styles of Thai Boxing and Japanese Kickboxing, it includes training in Thai Weapons fighting from the Royal Thai Bodyguard.
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  • Pekiti Tirsia Kali

    Pekiti Tirsia Kali is one of the few, if not the only remaining authentic Filipino martial art; the 400 year old training method is broad and deep, it is specifically designed to lead the practitioner to Mastery.
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  • Qigong Meditation

    Our practice is based on the highest level of Taoist energy meditation; Martialworks students are taught meditative practices that lead to a comprehension of Chi, from here the collection of energy and maintenance of the individuals’ energy system is taught. Advanced students are taught Chi manipulation through exercises from Taoist Yoga and Chinese Boxing.
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Additional Programs & Information

Teacher Training

On completion of the entire Martialworks training program, participants can be certified as a Martialworks Instructor with 580 hours of martial arts training and teaching experience.

Kids Training Group

Children are taught in a fun, friendly and family based setting – a combination of martial art exercises from the rich cultures of: China, Thailand and Philippines; footwork training, shadow boxing, meditative practice, stretching and stick fighting make for a safe, stimulating and intelligent learning process. Parents are always welcome to join in and train alongside their children.

Group trainings and Private education

Martialworks can design a program to meet your requirements. Students entering any of Martialworks training programs are closely monitored; our vast teaching experience allows the natural development of an appropriate training program for all participants.