Klangbai Muay Thai

MuayThaiMartialworks offers training in authentic Klangbai Muay Thai; this “crashing down the middle” style was originated by Ajarn Stephen Joffe. A composite of several different family styles of Thai Boxing and Japanese Kickboxing, it includes training in Thai Weapons fighting from the Royal Thai Bodyguard.

The ancient style of Siamese Kickboxing or Thai Boxing has a history that stretches back over 1000’s of years, it is a brutal no holds barred fighting method developed through the tumultuous evolution of Thai culture.

The practical and physically demanding training instills within a Thai Boxer a happy, healthy and realistic approach to Life – it is an Art of Life. Muay Thai holds at core the principle or simple truth of boxing “To do no more than necessary, to teach a lesson”.

Thai Boxing is an explosive art in which all of the bodies natural weapons are integrated in a fluid and savage, yet clean fighting style; it has many benefits to its correct exercise: discipline, physical competence, perfect health and peace of mind.

Muay Thai fighters are skilled in the extreme and fearless within the clash, Thai Boxing has earned huge respect in its honest and heartfelt approach to unarmed combat; it is well recognized as one of the most dynamic forms of stand up fighting on the planet.