Pekiti Tirsia Kali

PTK_logoPekiti Tirsia Kali is one of the few, if not the only remaining authentic Filipino martial art; the 400 year old training method is broad and deep, it is specifically designed to lead the practitioner to Mastery.

A literal translation of the name of this system, gives key insight to its philosophy: Pekiti = Close, Tirsia = Quarter, Ka = Respect and Li = a lust for Life; this close quarter combat method is based on a respect for Life.

This refined and powerful martial art was specifically selected as method of choice for all Philippine Government forces, Police and Military; as it met all field requirements for combat.Training places great emphasis on: footwork, correct body mechanics and the dynamic application of force, with unparalleled accuracy.

Martialworks offers complete system Pekiti Tirsia Kali as taught by Grand Tuhon Leo T Gaje and Tuhon Tim Waid to Mataas na Guro Stephen Joffe; the approach to training is in keeping with the genuine method, focus is placed on martial or military application. Training provides operators with complete tactics, techniques and skills for the close quarters use of all personal weapons and field expedient weapons found on the battlefield.

Advanced combat mentality and a weapons based orientation to combat are the outcome of training; Martialworks programs are geared toward developing real expertise.