Qigong Meditation / Chi Kung

chi-kungOur practice is based on the highest level of Taoist energy meditation; Martialworks students are taught meditative practices that lead to a comprehension of Chi, from here the collection of energy and maintenance of the individuals’ energy system is taught. Advanced students are taught Chi manipulation through exercises from Taoist Yoga and Chinese Boxing.

Qigong Philosophy looks upon human life as a transitory energetic event; Qigong as a Science of understanding human energy aims at ensuring the ‘energetic event’ of Life is harmonious with regard to the true operating order of reality. It is this smoothing of the Life Path, that allows the practitioner to maintain and achieve maximum health, or Life Energy.

The benefits of Qigong practice are as far reaching as its history; practitioners can expect improvement in health as: emotional awareness develops, mental clarity increases and a path of spiritual cultivation for this intelligence is provided.

Qigong Meditation training at Martialworks places special importance on the practical outcome of training; students are taught a clinical and application based program. That era of mystery connected to Eastern Science has passed us by, our training is in keeping with the authentic tradition and is in place for all to enjoy.