Upgrading the language of Life-Force

The Martialworks group completed the “Yong Ti” or Function Control Boxing training program staged out of the Boulder Tango Studio, and they did it with perfect timing. As we enter Earth season we begin to realize—that we’re bound by the necessity to gather all that energy experienced Spring through Summer.

In fact the students are now moving in perfect accord with the biorhythmic law of Yin Yang, which is the only way to ensure preservation of life-force. It is this, and this alone that delivers the tools that make way for the vital growth and exchanges, so necessary to the success of humanity today.

We travelled a series of thirty two Weidan exercises from the ancient arts of “Energy Boxing”, learning to incorporate our meditations into skill based movement.

For the culmination of practice we encountered the “Gecko” and “Frog” styles of Daoyin, these meditations with roots that stretch back six thousand years, offer a tangible experience of Yin Yang. The imperative for the return to the absolute truth of nature is made well apparent in this most beautiful of practices. We learned to build a comprehensive personal practice regime.

Next week, we’ll take off on our Wilderness training retreat.

This center point in our annual training cycle, will be under the powerful influence of the full moon event for the Indian Summer 2019. 

Training action will be focused on functional meditation and the dynamic inspiration of the fighting system of Krabi Krabong or “Wild Style Thai Swordfighting”.

This as taught to Stephen by Lt Colonel Nattapong, trainer to The Royal Thai Bodyguard. The material to be delivered is rare—Krabi Krabong is not often seen. Stephen looks forward to sharing his 20 years of experience, with great enthusiasm. 

If you’re interested in participating in our future events, you ought climb onboard.

To enter our group you will need to complete Foundation Training with Sifu Joffe.

These opportunities are stellar, we place great emphasis on connecting to nature through meditation and martial art practice. The three days of super energetic training, relaxation and excellent camaraderie, are the energetic boost everyone needs to master the fall and winter seasons of life.