Who needs roads, when you can’t get your hands on the wheel?

The other night I was playing Chess with some mates when a lady friend stopped to say “Hello” she went on to explain she was to meet a friend who was heavily into politics and what with the tense times we were in, no one really knows what to expect in these types of meetings.

She went further to suggest “many people must be training martial arts in preparation for the coming Armageddon.” I laughed her off “Not at all!” and interjected into the silence, how: “Kung Fu is: truth in action; whereas, politics is: no truth in action.”

It was later, that this profound statement came back home to haunt me and led me into deeper contemplation. Perhaps, people are so far distracted that they’ve forgotten this truth of action? Here, I might lean on a saying from my Sifu: “the order to our modern day is one of: distraction, distortion and disease.” On that score we’d best look to our roots and remove ourselves from this distraction.

The original meaning of the word ‘Creation’ is: the divine summons to the Life hidden in non-being. For those people coming to Kung Fu this is an opportunity to participate in the supreme achievement of humanity, the genius for giving form and shape through action; we can say that the human imaging of Tao, or the absolute is authenticated in action. In accord with the ancient body wisdom schools, it is this authentic action or Kung Fu that activates our instinct to origin.

The return to center involves the whole self and is indeed the natural activity of the self, this is why we say: “Kung Fu is a system of personal honesty.” It is also, the first and final step on the way; here and only here, can unity be heard in present harmony.

We might glance at the flip side of the coin and address that prevalent approach to Life, the psychological. This does not work, where the analytical instinct takes the place of natural behavior and degenerates into a pathetic generalization and an abstract exclusiveness.

The consequent ‘Loss of Compass’ rampant in our age, is clearly indicated in our so called freedom and the endless choices we are faced with. It is this, that mis-guides people into a state of non-being. Here, the person bound by time and space, will bind others in the realm of the unconscious.

Thus, it is: the true educator must be to the child as one of the pure elements.

When it comes to bringing people into their individual relationship with the absolute and from there to community, re-connecting people to the Sacred ~ this is the function of Kung Fu; and in my experience I’ve never seen a vehicle as powerful as Kung Fu. Bringing this being, and all beings through the unity heard of present harmony & into the vision seen: pure gesture.

After all, the World present to us, is that which goes out to us, as we to it; and so we come to a very different understanding of freedom, one that is radically real:

“To be free of bond, is destiny!”

Martin Buber.

A quite personal responsibility, takes the place of one shared with many generations.

Kung Fu is hands on the wheel.