Wing Chun Workshop

Experience the training method of Wing Chun Kung Fu

Saturday 9am – 1pm, 5th August 2017

Enjoy 4 hours of comprehensive instruction in the close quarters boxing system of Wing Chun, this is a unique ‘short arm bridge’ Southern style of Kung Fu with origins dating back more than 400 years to the Fuijian Temple of Shaolin. Here, Masters collected martial techniques over a 1500 year time period and earned great renown for their Boxing prowess; the Ancients were involved in no mere pugilism, but the skill based exchange of energy ~ there’s was and still is, a Life Art based on the harmonization of elements.

The exercise of Wing Chun promotes emotional balance, mental clarity and a clearly defined avenue for the authentic expression of our true person.

The workshop will be led by Sifu Stephen Joffe, he offers more than 30 years of experience in Wing Chun Kung Fu; his teachings are Qi-centric or energy based.

You will have the opportunity to Learn:

  1. The ‘Siu Nim Tau’ or Little Idea form, teaches how the different fist styles or techniques allow for the control of all time.
  2. The techniques will be explored in space, learning the bridging skills of Wing Chun. 
Exercise within our precise boxing drills, makes for a very scientific approach to learning. This is in keeping with the ancient wisdom of Eastern Science, which ultimately leads one 
to the development of Kung Fu power.
  3. You will also have the opportunity to encounter that pinnacle of achievement in Wing Chun Free Fighting. The goal in training the system of Wing Chun is made clear from the get go: “The system will set you free.” The practice leads one, on the stepping stones to Mastery.
  4. To round off the day, and make for a comprehensive learning experience a review of the days training with opportunity for questions and answers, will be provided

What equipment do I need?

Clean indoor training shoes are required, they should be flat soled & non-marking.
Dress for action, plenty of water and snacks are a good idea; if you like to take notes, bring a pad and pen.

How do I register:

Training fees are $100.00, they can easily be paid online using our creative membership option; complete your payment details and you will receive rendezvous instruction.

Location: Boulder Tango Studio, 6185 Arapahoe Ave, Boulder, CO.