Yong Ti Boxing—Moving Meditation

Practice in the Yong (Function) Ti (Control) method is part of the ancient Taoist movement art tradition stretching back millennia. Our exercise in moving meditation is a unique and powerful combination of both Weidan (Cosmic) and Neidan (Terrestrial) practices. 

The Yong Ti style offers comprehensive training.

The training method leads a person to realization of the energy system and how it works in concert with our physicality. Perfect health of body and mind are guaranteed as we learn how to support our energy through our physicality.

Our skill is based on function control and the development of energetic resonance with life-force.

The Yong Ti Boxing program delivers the tools that make way for the vital growth and exchanges, so necessary to the success of humanity today. Only when human beings are centered will they be able to act in honesty, toward each other with love and compassion.

“Boxing is the exchange of energy. Nothing more, nothing less, and nothingness.”

Sifu Stephen Joffe

Class format: Lessons focus on the thirty two Weidan Boxing exercises of the Yong Ti style, you will learn how to collect and refine energy through the beautiful non-combative movements of Taoist Yoga.

The training program runs all the way through Halloween 2019, and is open to everyone.

Classes are staged outdoors every Wednesday 8 – 9am, and indoors at the Boulder Tango studio on odd Saturday’s 9 – 10.30am.

Saturday classes will emphasize the dance-like nature of boxing exercise, Wednesday classes the absorption of Chi from Nature.

Dates for the Saturday training program:

  1. March 30th
  2. April 6th
  3. 13th
  4. 27th
  5. May 4th
  6. 11th
  7. 25th
  8. June 1st
  9. 8th
  10. July 27th
  11. August 3rd
  12. 31st

Training program: A series of twelve lessons will be delivered on Saturday’s. For those that complete the training program, attending all lessons, and achieving a performance standard of 80% or more—you will be invited to test for the title: Yong Ti Boxer (YTB).

How to register for the training program: If you attend all lessons training fees are $800.00; just Wednesday $500.00; and only Saturday $300.00. Members can pay a drop-in fee of $20.

What will I need: Wednesday classes are outdoors, we will work largely barefooted. Saturday classes are indoors at the Boulder Tango studio, here you will need an athletic outfit, and clean indoor Chinese Boxing shoes—Tango shoes are acceptable!

Training advantage: A practitioner learns the valuable opportunity to connect their internal meditation to physical movement. The skillful exercise of Yong Ti, allows a person to access the powerful healing energy of nature. On returning to the seated closed eyed internal meditations, you will find your contemplative experience deeper and more tangible.