Your School Transforms

In view of the unprecedented global pandemic we are all faced with, Martialworks is determined to continue providing the innovative ways of meditation and movement, to support and help each other in the navigation of work and life.

The time tested and powerful tools in use at our School, deliver a real opportunity to make a positive impact—through the vital grounding and all round well being practice provides—so essential to our facing the challenges of the future.

Our new martial arts class is scheduled to begin Friday April 3rd.

This members only training will be delivered at an outdoor location in Boulder. Following public health guidelines, all practice will be non-contact, maintaining required social distancing.

Starting 8am Wednesday April 8th 2020 and also on Saturdays at 9am, Inner Path Qigong (IPQ) will be offering an ongoing training program in Taoist Qigong.

These interactive lessons will be staged live, via the video cloud platform, Zoom. If you are unable to attend class, a recording of the lesson will be accessible. This will allow any participant to complete the carefully thought out program

The ongoing trainings will explore the infinitely interesting and ancient tradition of Taoist Qigong in great depth, with focus on the clinical benefits of practice. Wednesday class will be a movement based meditation. The lessons on Saturday, will include: esoteric readings, mapping of the human energy system, clear description of our stellar meditations, and practice.

Please register for any classes you intend to attend, using the link below.


If you would like to schedule a private training on Zoom, let your Sifu know.